Monday, December 16, 2013

A Christmas Miracle

Hello all, I've been away on many swashbuckling adventures, more on those on a later post. I recently ordered a package from ebay and I've been waiting for it for days now. Today I heard a knock on my door and when I looked out the window I saw the USPS truck, so I thought that my package was finally here. I open the door and I looked down and saw a small box, now I ordered 36 Disney tapes and I thought to myself that it couldn't be those, and I saw where it was from, it said Florida, but my order was from South Dakota. I was dumbfounded as I opened the box and I saw two very rare Disney tapes inside.
I was in awe, I was not expecting them and my mother was astounded too. She glanced at the address on the box and she remembered recieving a phone call from this mysterious figure who revealed himself to be Herb Contos, an ebay seller who I told I would pay for the tapes when I had the money, I explained my financial situation and he agreed to wait for payment. a month went by and I saw the lot of 36 tapes and I bought those instead. So i was about to forget about the above tapes. Well, he knew my status and he remembered a humbling time in his life when he was in dire straits, and he sent the tapes to me anyway. This experience has proven to me that there are still great people in this world. This was a true Christmas miracle. It's like God was listening to me and he delivered the gift in the form of Mr. Contos. I am on a path to believing in the lord, as I have been hesitant due to my father's passing when I was six years old. Well, I must be off, I have more adventures to embark upon so until next time my friends, my commorades, good night. Also, I bid you all a beautiful Christmas and a glorious New Year. Enjoy your holidays, but remember to be safe and be responsible. Have fun, but not TOO much fun. ;)

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