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Peaceful Pages ASMR - Actual Medical Professional .... or Best Actress Ever!!

       For those of you who know me, you know that I am a follower of one of the biggest phenomenons sweeping the internet: ASMR. ASMR, which stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is, in layman's terms, a scientific phenomenon in the body, primarily the head, which causes the being experiencing it, to feel relaxation.
       YouTube has become a hotspot for ASMR, wherein content creators (referred to as "ASMRtists" in the community) post videos of themselves performing actions associated with ASMR. From the typical whispering video, to the atypical roleplay, all while giving the viewer a headrush, or "Tingles" as they are known as in the trades. These videos may vary in quality, based on the technology that is used to record the content, to mainly the artist's own enthusiasm for creating such material.
      The artist that I will be spotlighting today has gotten little in the way of any mainstream attention. While everyone flocks to the internet to experience GentleWhispering doing another suit-fitting roleplay, or Heather Feather showing off her latest Yu-Gi-Oh card collection, I tune to the delightfully different and refreshing content of an artist known as "Peaceful Pages ASMR".

Peaceful Pages ASMR (a.k.a. Annie)
    "Peaceful Pages", whose name is apparently Annie, is a wonderful and underrated contributor to the ASMR community. Not much is known about her, aside from the fact that she is a mother who lives in Canada. I totally respect that she doesn't commit to the unwritten rules of ASMR, which are that you have to be tech savvy and have a 3Dio microphone (Those weird mics that look like something Spock from Star Trek would use to communicate with aliens.) She is very humble, and rarely posts content. That is not to say she isn't motivated to do so, I truly believe that she doesn't want to be one of "Those" artists that churn out 3 videos a week and beg everybody to donate to their Paypal accounts. 
     My primary fascination with her work is her medical themed roleplays and two immediately come to mind. 

        The one that got me hooked was her "Hair Loss Consultation" video. I do believe she is the first ASMRtist to go after such a niche market. Now, in this video, she is shown at a desk, welcoming and going over treatment plans with her client (us). She then proceeds to ask us questions relating to our health and treatment plans that we have had in the past. For props, she has latex gloves, to apply the treatment on us. She also finds time to inject humor into the video, which many artists rarely do. When she told us to wear a ballcap, she stated that it was the perfect excuse to purchase a new one, and then scales back her remarks to apologize when realizing our collection is sufficient.
       The next video is her "Hospital Admission". In this video, which clocks in at an impressive 48 minutes, Annie is a nurse, talking with a patient (us again) about how we got here. She is totally sympathetic of our situation and guides us through our medical histories. This time, the audience of this video is clearly male as she refers to us as "Mr. Smith", truthfully a generic name if ever there was one, however the rest of the video more than makes up for that. Annie is very thorough and we as the patient are very lucky to have Annie as our nurse, she is a complete professional and rarely stumbles.
     Throughout these videos, I felt more than just tingles. I felt like I was transported into the office of some medical professional. As stated, Annie is very thorough in her roleplays, rarely mis-stepping and unintentionally gives the viewer a sense of realism. Annie does not sugarcoat the medical profession. If we do not want our hair loss treated, we still have to pay $50 for the consultation. It is at this point where all other medical themed ASMR roleplays fall flat. Other artists, with the exception of Dmitri (MassageASMR), come off as miracle workers. I know I am nitpicking when I am criticizing my ASMR videos for their accuracy and realism, but having as much time on my hands as I do, it gives me time to analyze almost anything the far reaches of the internet has to offer.
     Many times while watching Annie's videos, I found myself asking: Is she an actual medical professional, or could she possibly be the best actress since Vivien Leigh? In her most recent update video, I heard her say she was attending a university of some sort, however the audio quality of the video left much to be desired and was barely coherent, perhaps it was intended to be an unintelligible whisper video? 
     Anyway, friends and fans, please support artists like Annie, the true underdogs of the ASMR community, and ditch the bubble-gum pop world of Maria, Heather and (shudder) Amal. Annie seems to be a real down to earth person, and she will go far in the ASMR world. I just hope she never forgets the little people.

EDIT (6/27/2016): I have received some backlash for the posting of this article, I feel it is my duty to clarify certain comments that were made. I respect and admire the work of Maria (GentleWhispering) and I think she is wonderful at her craft, however I feel that most of the press and publicity of ASMR goes direct to her, that is why I chose to select Annie as my subject, she gets little in the way of attention from the ASMR community and I felt the need to highlight her talents and contributions. This article was in no way meant to offend or alienate followers of Maria, HeatherFeather or any of the other popular artists. As with all great forms of art, some get more attention than others and I believe it is important to highlight every artist who gives their time, energy and creativity to provide content for the audience. Annie is a marvelous person and I would hate for anyone to send her hurtful comments regarding this article, she was in no way responsible for the creation of this post, other than being the focus of it. I would also like to apologize to Annie, if my article has hurt her in any way, it was not my intention to start a war, however all art forms have their fair share of politics and sadly ASMR is not excluded.

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